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Sunday, 2 April 2017

WhatsApp Running Slow, Hanging? See Solutions Here

Regardless of whether your WhatsApp is running moderate, hanging, smashing or not working legitimately, I have an answer for you. At times, you may even be confronted with issues like 'sadly whatsapp have ceased'.

Every one of these issues are settled here once you take after and apply the tips I will share on this article.

There are a few reasons which can bring about your whatsapp not to work appropriately on your telephone.

The most well-known reasons are low memory on your telephone which incorporates RAM and interior memory, another cause is obsolete rendition of the application, others are colossal talk log, such a large number of media documents got, infection assault, poor processor and numerous more reasons.

So let me ask you, is your WhatsApp Running moderate or slamming? On the off chance that you are confronting any of the above issues, then it's an ideal opportunity to tackle it with beneath arrangements. Tail me along.

Note: If you have important data on WhatsApp then you have to regular take online backup of your WhatsApp on Google drive or any other device.


Do you have a long whatsapp talk history? Do you have a place with numerous whatsapp bunches? Do you for the most part get pictures and recordings on whatsapp talk?

These may be the issue and the motivation behind why your whatsapp is hanging. So erase all the talk history particularly gather visits that has numerous media substance and see the outcomes.


As you talk on whatsapp, bunches of the information sources and memory are been put away as information and in the telephone reserve memory.

At once this log of recollections including garbage documents begins moderating and hanging your telephone, particularly telephones with low memory limit. So you ought to clear the whatsapp information and store to free up memory. The following is the guide on the best way to do it.

Step 1: Tap on the Settings > Apps alternative on your telephone.

Step 2: Locate and tap to open WhatsApp symbol in the All applications window.

Step 3: Tap on the "Reasonable Cache" catch which expel part of garbage records.

I encourage you to routinely play out this operation on your whatsapp on the off chance that you are confronting this issues yet recall that it will erase your talk history!

You can likewise erase document with the assistance of "Clear Data" choice from your WhatsApp Storage window. Amid erasing the information from WhatsApp you will get an affirmation message, squeeze OK to erase them.


Once in a while the guilty party for whatsapp not working appropriately is a result of obsolete rendition of the application. Ensure you perform general updates as it fixes some application bugs.


Telephone applications keeps running with RAM memory so if the RAM is broken down, it might battle to run WhatsApp appropriately.

So check the telephone RAM and free space by uninstalling some applications you don't generally utilize. It will go far to settling the hanging issue.

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Infection could be the reason for this, so guarantee you have a dynamic Antivirus application that you introduced. Filter your telephone and evacuate any malware found. You can download "CM security" Antivirus application.


Subsequent to applying all the above tips and your whatsapp still hangs, uninstall the application and reinstall it once more. What's more, it will most likely settle such a variety of bugs on the application.

I trust, the above tips helps you in settling major whatsapp issues like hanging, running moderate, and so forth.

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