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Friday, 16 June 2017

Most Common Content Marketing Blunders To Avoid

The 5 Most Common Marketing Blunders That Are Scaring Readers Away

Before considering the major and most common content marketing blunders that scares readers away, it is safe to say that you are getting your normal degree of profitability (ROI) or would you say you are unwittingly pushing your customers away thus of your poor content marketing strategies?

Sprout Worth as of late expressed that:

“More than 50% of the most effective content marketers on the internet put out new content types for their readers at least many times a week, if not every day.”

What do you say to that?

Content marketing is thought to be one of the best promoting systems for creating focused on leads. It is a shoddy and effective methods for getting to your gathering of people without much bother.

Notwithstanding, for you to equal the initial investment with content marketing, you're required to compose kick-ass, result situated, and convincing articles that your perusers will dependably discover helpful and important.

Tragically, many content marketers are conferring a few bungles that are hugely disrupting their endeavors, in this manner frightening their perusers off.

In case you're not yet getting outcomes from your content marketing, I exhort you focus on this article.

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5 Hidden Content Marketing Blunders That Are Scaring Your Readers Away

1. You Don't Know Who Your Customers Are

Your clients are the essential motivation behind why you're good to go. Without them, you're wouldn't be good to go… Period.

I see individuals that are continually producing article after article without knowing who they're composing for. That is an appalling approach to run a showcasing technique.

Commonly, recognizing your intended interest group is a major stride toward creating an incredible content marketing system that will address your peruser's issues.

This goes past knowing who your clients are; it includes becoming acquainted with what they need, how they need it, and what can trigger their advantage.

You have to realize what they have confidence in, their greatest battles, and their ability to discover an answer for those battles.

You can do this by taking full favorable position of each chance to know them better.

Through web-based social networking, you can get criticism from the individuals who as of now belittle you. You can likewise lead an overview to get more valuable data about them.

This is quite recently the start, however. You have to make it every one of the a stride advance by drawing in and interfacing with them.

This information will be instrumental in helping you furnish them with the best arrangements that will address their issues. Along these lines, your content will be of extraordinary incentive to them (and will turn out to be extremely effective).

In any case, not doing an intensive mind your clients and not having a legitimate comprehension of what they need is an incredible showcasing screw up that could prompt huge misfortunes over the long haul.

Keep your messages focused on and you'll have more achievement.

2. Your Contents Sucks

Your intended interest group is wiped out and tired of unremarkable content.

Despite the exertion, you put into composing your content, content that isn't incredible won't radiate a decent outcome.

It won't be generally welcomed by your readers, and Google will rank you in like manner. In the event that you are fortunate, Google will put you on page 50…

Is that the most dire outcome imaginable? Not under any condition.

Not exclusively will you put your notoriety in question, you will likewise lose your readers.

Quality content is educational, significant, evergreen, and guarantees your readers are returning for additional.

The vast majority of all, great content ought to be intended to engage and instruct in the meantime. This is the correct sort of article adroit advertisers dependably endeavor to distribute, and what both Google and customers are always searching for.

So also, incredible content ought to contain an awesome suggestion to take action. This will inspire your readers to step toward finding an answer for their issues in the wake of perusing your post.

When you're in the propensity for handing out crappy content, the likelihood of expanding your email rundown will likewise be crappy. Individuals who don't care for your content wouldn't have any desire to join to your email rundown to get business as usual terrible content.

One of the basic characteristics of good substance is that it must tackle an issue.

A great article that doesn't address an issue won't show signs of improvement gathering than an inadequately composed article that takes care of an issue.

For instance, accepting you're composing an article on 'content promoting goofs', readers won't discover an article 'on the most proficient method to adapt content' valuable.

This visitor, feeling unfulfilled, may choose to search for another supplier and instantly log out of your site without trying to check different articles.

This expands the ricochet rate of your blog, a vital element for web indexes when positioning sites.

In the event that a guest can't discover what he/she needs, you have officially lost a visitor. This underscores the significance of understanding the requirements of your visitors and tending to those necessities in your content.

You have to dependably be distributing awesome content.

3. Suspecting That More Content Means More Traffic

Go ahead… who taught you this?

Alright, I figure you've heard a considerable measure on the web that one of the approaches to pick up the trust of Google is to be refreshing your blog reliably. Yet, you shouldn't top off your blog with crappy contents just to fulfill this "prerequisite".

Oh my goodness: You have to change your reasoning.

Would you like to know reality?

It is path better to distribute one quality and educational article every week than it is to be relegating seven average articles for every week.

The best practice is dependably to take as much time as is needed and guarantee each article you distribute on your blog will be generally welcomed.

So, on the off chance that you have a great deal of time and think you can be distributing various quality articles/week, you certainly ought to.

In any case, never give up quality for amount.

4. You're all for the money

A considerable measure of content marketers are continually putting cash first before their group of onlookers, and this disposition will quite often reverse discharge.

Teaching the visitors ought to be the principal target of content showcasing.

You show visitors how to take care of individual issues and how to get the required help. This is trailed by showcasing an item.

You shouldn't blend things up when formulating your content marketing technique. Giving individuals the feeling that you are offering an item without venturing out showing them anything will be counterproductive.

For example, if your substance is about how to change an auto battery, your content ought to first address the testing way of changing auto batteries. At that point you can highlight how your item will help them to change their auto battery.

That way, they will see any reason why they ought to purchase your item.

Continuously concentrate on your visitors first. Tackle their issues as you would your own.

In the event that you will probably help your client, the cash will dependably come.

5. Not Properly Proofreading Your Contents

Conferring this written work sin is a surefire formula for calamity.

Presently, you are not anticipated that would turn into a fussbudget, but rather the nature of your composition is one of the central point that decides how likely individuals are to peruse your stuff.

This, all things considered, will impact their assessments about you and your business.

On the off chance that your content has huge amounts of spelling as well as syntactic mistakes, your clients will put a question mark on your demonstrable skill.

The quality and adequacy of your items and administrations will likewise be addressed.


Since your content is the reflection of your items. On the off chance that your content stinks, the general conviction is that your items and administrations won't charge any better.

A mix-up in essential spelling or language structure will undermine the adequacy of your content as it can totally change the significance of your message, notwithstanding prompting miscommunication.

In this way, not editing your substance is a welcome for fiasco; your substance will never accomplish the coveted objective.

What do you need to say in regards to this article?
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Saturday, 20 May 2017

How To Make Money Online - See Reasons You Are Not Yet Rich

I sat on my couch chatting with a friend, we were both at the same financial situation (broke) last year. He was explaining to me how hard things have been with him financially. And his dad is really disappointed with him, his girlfriend has left him because he is broke.

In the off chance that you landed on this page, it means your search Question was among the following search Keywords. 

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 “steps anyone can take to become rich”, “How to Get Rich”, “Steps to Make Your First Dollars Online”, “Smart and Effective Ways to Get Rich”, “How to Get Rich (A Beginner's Guide)”, “Self-made millionaire”, “ways to get rich”, “How to Get Rich Quick Realistically”, “Ways To Get Rich Online”,


“How To Make Money Online - See Reasons You Are Not Yet Rich Below”,

He is confused and tired because he is not making enough money from his business.
I was really down after hearing his story.

Have you ever wondered that all the energy, commitment, obeying all the rules and principles to creating wealth you have been keeping up with, you are not still rich as you want?

As an entrepreneur with the passion to help people achieve financial freedom in business and life, I listened to him and shared with him some financial tips that I was sure he needed to know.
Today, I wish to share the same with you because I want you to learn too.


1. You Overspend Money Like You're Already Rich:
It feels right to buy the fine things in life regularly. I am not against it. But, if you're living beyond your means, you will never ever get rich or hit that mark.

The solution to this is, stop buying what you don't need and start saving up or investing extra cash after buying all your primary needs. Live within your means, and you're likely to become rich.

2. You Hang Around Poor People:
My friend was a victim of this and it contributed to his present state. What can one achieve from little minds sharing negative conversations about the present nature of the economy?

How does that conversation contribute to your growth? What business idea or value can one pick from such conversation?

Money does not define who you are. You must have heard the quotes that if you hang out with 5 poor people, you eventually become number 6.

It literally means, if your closest 5 friends are broke people, so you are, making it number 6.
If your ultimate goal is to acquire money and financial freedom, you've got to hang around rich people and learn their ways, their business modules and generally how things work with people manifesting money by the second.
This is the reason I am very picking when it comes to making friends online and offline.

3. The Fear of Failure:
To me, the fear of failure is the beginning of failure. What's holding you back? What sign do you need to see before you start that business or learn that trade?
If you desire financial success, failure is a natural process that compels us to try again.

4. You're Enjoying Your Comfort Zone:
nt that you have decided to earn, no more and no less. You are where you are financially because you have chosen to be there. Not the market, not your employer, not the government. Only you, just you.

You feel what you are earning now is good? Do you know that some people are earning better than you, doing the same thing you are doing? I leave that to you to consider!

5. Trading Precious Time for Riches:
Most people believe that more working hours will get them rich. It's a lie from the pit of poverty.
I once believed that, but no more. Money is sought through trade not time.

Trash the crazy thought of employment and bonus and start thinking about business ideas.
Empower yourself and money will manifest itself to you naturally.

6. You Read Too Much
Surprise? Yes, you read too much. You read all books on finance, business, Bible, Koran yet you don't take action. Just the way you're reading this post now, you will just close it and go back to what you were doing without taking action.

I know so many people with business ideas in their mind but there are still reading books on how to grow a successful business. When will your right time come?

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This is your time to hit that financial goal. It is not late. You still have time.
Go make that money. Your money is in another person's pocket. Go sell products or deliver services that will make them give you at your price.

If this article is helpful to you, share your experience via comment section below.
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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Infolinks Affiliate Program – Details And How To Signup

Today, am going to share about Infolinks partner program, which will help you to expand your income from Infolinks.

Infolinks Affiliate Program

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Prior when AdSense was propelled, they likewise think of a referral program which was an incredible approach to include more Adsense salary, yet of late they terminated their Referral System.

Infolinks, has been running an associate program from long, however they never advanced it specifically on their site. Infolinks is one of the best in-content notice programs. I have actually utilized other program also, however Infolinks turns out to be the best answer for in-content notice program.

Here is the outline of  Infolinks referral program:

Infolinks Affiliate Program

Infolinks Affiliate program:

Prior Infolinks referral program works best when you allude an extensive distributer. The patched up referral program let you win 10% of procuring for one year from any distributer that you allude. This is a decent possibility for any current Infolinks clients to expand their income.

The new referral tab is now live on your dashboard, and you can tap on it to get your one of a kind Infolinks partner connect.

Infolinks Affiliate Program

Infolinks referral program:

At this moment, their referral dashboard demonstrates just number of alluded distributer, and I plan to see more information in coming days. You can make your Infolinks Affiliate account utilizing beneath connection.

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"Sign up for Infolinks"

In the event that you have been an offshoot with Infolinks, do tell me how was your experience? Do they pay on time and would they say they are straightforward with their subsidiary program?
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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Proven Ways to Make Money on Amazon 2017

My research has shown that there are other cool ways to make money on Amazon without being an affiliate marketer or participating in per per action offers. This posts would basically describe some major ways to earn money on Amazon.

Therefore, you get to make money on Amazon only when people make purchases on Amazon via your link.

1. Become An Amazon Affiliate.
Join the affiliate program of Amazon and post your affiliate link on your website, facebook, twitter and other social media platform directing your clients or visitors to Amazon. If they make any purchase through your link, you are paid a commission.

Depending on the product, you will earn 4%-10% commission if the click result to a sale. Make a review on a good product from Amazon, place your affiliate link in the post and direct your satisfied customers to Amazon.

2. Be A Seller On Amazon.
Sell handmade goods on Amazon Handmade. This service allows you to sell your handmade goods to Amazon audience. For a 12% referral, you can sell your handmade products like handmade jewelry, beddings, furniture, decor etc.

3. Create An Ebook To Sell On Amazon.
You can write an ebook and publish it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish your ebook for a 70% royalty on your sales.

4. Sell your own contents You can sell your own content like DVDS, books, MP3s and CDs on CreateSpace, a company owned by Amazon. Royalties range from 40%-60%. of the retail price.

5. Make Money Doing Menial Jobs
On Mechanical Turk. Find small tasks and do them on Amazon mechanical Turk. The pay might be small but it can gather up to something within a short period of time.

6. Make discounts on Amazon reviews.
When you buy a product on Amazon and make a genuine and honest review of the product you get paid by Amazon. To get this done, register on snagshout and post the reviews.

In Conclusion, I hope this helps to earn you some good money.
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

MMM Nigeria Set To Start Using Bitcoin, Dumps Naira

Good Day Friends, This is to get You Informed that MMM Nigeria, has presented Bitcoin, said to be the arena’s first-rate performing forex, in 2017, as part of its mode of fee in its comeback plans.

The Ponzi scheme, which froze debts of its three million participants on December 13, 2016, is getting ready to return, and it's throwing up a quantity of plans to get its neighborhood active once more.

Last week, MMM promoters, issued instructions to its participants whose accounts were frozen, to perform “Promo Tasks: A New Tool for MMM Community Development.”

In the MMM message, subscribers were told to perform tasks, both online and offline, to promote the scheme and drive “traffic and participation” by the time the restriction on the account is lifted.

“Being an MMM member implies not only opportunities, but also a responsibility for the state and development of the MMM Community”, the message said.

Now it has give you Bitcoin, the more and more widespread Cryptocurrency or digital currency.

It was once mentioned to be the high-quality performing foreign money in 2016, appreciating by greater than a hundred percent , from about $400 per bitcoin to over $1,000 per bitcoin. The currency has now fallen to $887 as at final Friday, with China tightening principles to curb capital outflows.

Previous to the freeze of MMM, contributors were allowed to provide help in bitcoin, but they had been paid again in naira.

Nonetheless, MMM new plan allows contributors to get help in bitcoin, and watch their monies develop in bitcoin.

In a declaration to individuals, MMM said “as a result of the contemporary sharp price fluctuations of Bitcoin, MAVRO-BTC is being presented in the system.

“So far, we have only had Mavro-Naira in the system. Even though you provided help via Bitcoin, your Bitcoins, anyway, were recalculated into the Naira at the exchange rate at the moment of providing help, and you were credited with Mavro-Naira in your PO.

“It was the naira amount that grew. In other words, you received 30 percent a month specifically in naira (not in Bitcoins, although you originally provided help using Bitcoins).

“Now, you have a chance to have 30 percent growth of the Bitcoin amount, not the naira amount. So, acquire MAVRO-BTC which will be credited in your PO and will grow at a 30 percent monthly growth rate.

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“In a month not only 30 percent will be added to your initial amount, but, it can increase itself due to Bitcoin price growth.

“And, what if Bitcoin price is going to fall? In case Bitcoin price might go down, you will be able to return to naira at any time — instantly convert your MAVRO-BTC into Mavro-Naira (and vice versa, if Bitcoin price might increase again).

“This option is available in PO. You can convert both confirmed and unconfirmed Mavro.

“We hope that with implementing MAVRO-BTC, your participation in MMM will become more comfortable!”
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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How To Sell Your Payoneer Dollars At Profitable Rate In Naira

Welcome Quest!... If you use Payoneer, then you probably know what I'm about to rant about Nigerian ATM machines and Payoneer dollars being withdrawn for Naira.

About a 2 weeks ago, when I started earning huge dollars to my Payoneer account, I saw myself as the new millionaire in town considering the amount of Payoneer dollars I rake in every month. But sadly on getting to the bank ATM machines around me to withdraw, I was deeply disappointed with what the machines dispensed in the name of Payoneer dollars to Naira rate.

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The amount of dollars in my Payoneer account, using the rate of dollars to Naira in the parallel market at the time clearly stated that I was a millionaire. But the ATM rates said otherwise. Because, the amount of money they took from my account per dollar & per withdrawal clearly puts me back to being a thousandnaire.

Imagine getting paid with N267/$ for your hard earned Payoneer dollars when the dollar is currently N485/$ at the parallel market? That's a whooping N218 being stolen by the banks from every piece of dollars you might have earned. I don't blame people for choosing MMM over them.

For instance, if you earned $1,000 Payoneer dollars, that's 1000 x 218 = N218,000 being stolen from you. As if that is not enough, they bill you $3.2 per ATM withdrawal and an additional $1 for checking your Payoneer account balance with the ATM machine after withdrawal.

You may have experienced all of this out of ignorance, but its time you stopped and sell your Payoneer dollars at the profitable rate in Naira.

We buy/exchange your Payoneer dollars for you at the best rates ever and then use it to help those who may need it for online transactions. So you can sell to us and smile to the bank.

Why You Should Sell/Exchange With Us?

==>1. Trusted! We've lasted more than you can think of.
==>2. We buy as much as, as well as, as low as you can provide
==>3. We give you the best rate for your hard earned money
==>4. Fast response! We reply instantly on Whatsapp and Telegram
==>5. Fast Payment! After receiving, confirming your fund, we credit your Nigerian bank account of choice with the Naira equivalent instantly (no time!)
==>6. The rate is dependent on the volume of Payoneer dollars you have for sale. That is, the higher the volume, the sweeter the rate you will get
==>7. Apart from Payoneer dollars, we buy skrill at a very good rate and then buy& sell Bitcoin as well.
==>8. If the “Pay/Make A Payment” features has been removed from your Payoneer account, making it impossible to transfer funds, but rely on ATM for withdrawals at an awkward rate. We can still help you. Just hit us.

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How To Contact Us?
Chat up on Whatsapp with 09055371643
Telegram: @Chivalry
Blog: www.howtosguide.com
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

MMM Nigeria accounts was frozen to put FG and haters to shame – Read This

A top MMM guider, Chuddy has addressed MMM investors on the one month freeze of accounts. In a blog post on MMM BLOG on Tuesday, Chuddy called for calm among investors.

He said the open letter explains why the one month freeze was implemented, adding that it was to put the Nigerian Government and MMM haters to shame.

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MMM Nigeria No. 1 Guider Chuddy On One Month Freezing of Confirmed Mavros. This is from MMM Nigeria Guider 1 Chuddy.

Hi Mavrodians, As we all must have seen in our PO of the news on Mavro frozen for a month.

This isn’t the first of its kind. It happens when there are excess PANIC in the system It was placed on Zimbabwe and after the duration it was lifted.

As MMM Freezes And Goes Offline Few Weeks Before Christmas, this idea is brought forward to Calm the members down on intending Threat the FG and Mass media has planned on the system.

It doesn’t mean that there is no more money in the system because in my PO now as a guider, I have about 2million+ PH orders. And I know it would be like that in most Guiders PO too. So you see!!!

Money to pay out the orders wouldn’t be a problem. But the Admins needed to apply measures to sustain the growth of the system.

In order to fight issues that may arose as a result of Massive PH already this xmas. Issues like Uploading of Fake POP; non confirmation of orders and the rest. So this is the best strategy to put FG to shame.

We all need not panic as our money is in safe hands. Check out your Mavros and you see your money is intact both for 30% bonuses and 20% accrued bonuses.

You can keep PHing if you have the money, though you will definitely not be matched until Mavros are unfrozen. But that will really go a long way for you as your PH made this December will surely be giving you extra 20% after paying out next year.

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No cause for Alarm. We live to expect a stronger MMM by January 14th, 2017
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Monday, 12 December 2016

How To Register At Crowdrising Nigeria And Make Money Online

Crowdrising is one of the most popular online mutual fund portals in Nigeria, although relatively falling behind MMM Nigeria, and Ultimate Cycler, it is still getting huge attention by the mutual fund community in Nigeria. Their portal crowdrising.net is only some few months old and it is already the 122nd most visited site in Nigeria and it is also among the top money making pyramid schemes.

CrowdRising, is not a Company or a Business or a Corporation. The CrowdRising System is not owned by any one individual. CrowdRising is a semi-automated system created by 5 individuals, who are funding and Founding members, referred to as the 5 Horsemen.

The platform is made available World-Wide, free of charge. There are No Admin fees, No monthly fees, in fact, there are NO fees.

CrowdRising is a Person-To-Person Direct Funding Platform.

The system was designed in such a way that it can be used by Fundraisers, such as for Charities, Schools, Clubs, Churches, non-profits, family, and personal financial needs etc., etc. The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s payment processor to another member’s payment processor.

Before you consider to send in a support ticket please go through the following material to confirm that you understand how the system works

Watch and share the following tutorials, which you will find on www.crowdrising.net before logging into your account, to learn how CrowdRising works, and how to set up your account. Be sure to ask your Referrer for help.

How to Join

There are 2 ways to get involved:

  • This first one is highly recommended. If you have been invited to join, click on that person’s referral link and you will be instructed to fill out a simplified registration form.
  • In the event that you were not invited by family /friends then you can join by going to https://crowdrising.net/ and click on the Sign-Up button. You will then be referred directly by the Administrator and the system will automatically spill you down into the first eligible or qualified member’s genealogy.

Is it a Ponzi Scheme?

According to Wikipedia, A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.

Operators of Ponzi schemes usually entice new investors by offering higher returns than other investments, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent. CrowdRising Nigeria clearly possesses the features of a ponzi scheme.

Can members be defrauded:

Just like other similar schemes like MMM, money does not pass through a central account or through any administrator, it is a member to member donation system which makes it difficult to abscond with members money. But discretion should be on high alert as the portal itself may be hacked or go offline which may lead to loss of fund.

My Final Thoughts:

this review is strictly for information purposes only. Whoever is willing to take the risk of “investing” on any Ponzi scheme does that at his or her own discretion. But i still believe these online Ponzi schemes is better than sports betting as it affords all members to benefit from each other through donations.


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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria - Read How I Make N50,000 in a Week with just N12,500

Ultimate Cycler is a member-to-member donation business model created by Peter Wolfing that is designed to help people break through financial struggles. If after reading this you dn't stand a chance to get your own 50k into your account instantly in a week, that mean u are a looser.

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It’s a 2×2 cycler scheme with a direct member-to-member payment plan. You don’t pay any money into the system, no admin fees, no registration fees, none of that, you get all of your payout directly into your account.

There are 6 matrix levels you can earn from, but the only expense you make is the one-time N12,500 ($25) you donate to your sponsor so as to activate your account.

How Does Ultimate Cycler Nigeria Work?

If you’re reading this article right now, I’ll assume that you’re interested in knowing how you can make money through Ultimate Cycler, right?

I’ll try and break it down in the simplest terms as possible

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria gives you N50,000 after about a week, or even less of investing just N12,500, and if you’re not the type of person who likes to refer others, you’ve got no problem as the system would automatically fix 4 people under you who would pay you N12,500 each summing up to N50,000.

Once you register, you’re paired with someone to whom you’ll make a one-time payment of N12,500 to and your account would be activated, then you’re set to receive your own payments of N12,500 from four other people.

However, the only advantage in referring people is that it keeps the system going and it ensures that you get your profit faster.

If you register today on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria and your able to get 4 people to register today also using your referral link, then you’ll make your N50,000 in just one day.

If you don’t want to refer people, just sit back and relax and the system would automatically fix 4 people under you in about a week or two who will pay you the sum of N50,000

Introducing your friends only speeds up your collection of N50,000. If you choose to keep quiet, you’ll still get your N50,000 within a week or two through automatic pairing from around Nigeria.

There’s been lots of testimonies already, and I too am already benefitting from this scheme and I felt I should make it public too so that those interested can also start earning.

"The Earlier you register, the better for you. Register Now on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria and get paid soonest!"

Yes, I forgot to mention, if you’re not ready to make the initial payment of N12,500 then you shouldn’t bother to register on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria as your account would not be activated until the person you made the payment to acknowledges your payment.

If for any reason you’ve made a payment and the person you made the payment to has refused to acknowledge it, the system already has a way to handle such issues, so you have no fears as this is 100% real and secure.

In the past few days, Ultimate Cycler Nigeria has gained widespread popularity and that alone should be enough to convince you that this system really works, some even say it’s better than MMM.

Apart from the first level where you earn a total of N50,000, there are also 5 higher levels that can see you raking in a huge amount of profit.

The fact that this is a 1-time pay program with no monthly fees, only costs N12,500 to get started, and pays 100% instant commissions means that a lot of people will be interested in this and you can easily start seeing multiple cycles daily.


Is this the question bothering your mind? I’m not surprised, why? Because nobody wants to lose their hard earned money in a scheme that has no sustainability.

Peter Wolfing who is the founder of Ultimate Cycler has been building online businesses and marketing tools for the past 14 years. In that time he’s proven beyond doubt that he knows how to build programs with staying power, and that he is committed to the long-term success of his projects. He is the owner of a 14 year old company with a solid track record and an A+ rating with BBB.

You can be sure that Ultimate Cycler Nigeria is here to stay, and even if you do not want to take it as a life time business, you can start up, make your profit and put it into whatever business you may want to.


While the government is busy seeking ways to stop Nigerians from patronizing MMM, Ultimate Cycler Nigeria is gaining widespread popularity.

It’s very easy to get started, very easy to and make huge sums with Ultimate Cycler, and it has the leadership behind to keep the system alive for a very long period.

I highly recommend this program to you and I invite you to come join our team and smile all the way to the bank…


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Have any questions or concerns about Ultimate Cycler? You can drop a coment in the box below and I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can.

Click Here To Join Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, Happy Earnings!
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Friday, 18 November 2016

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2017

The following are the legitimate ways you can make money online in Nigeria:

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1. Affiliate marketing: one of the legitimate way you can make money online in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about selling companies product and collect your own commission on each sells you made. This product can be a digital products or physical products. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on affiliate marketing business

2. Information marketing: Information marketing is all about gathering some vital information that people are in need of. You can sell this information to the people that are in need of the information. All you need is to convert the information in a pdf format so that people can download. Information marketing is all about selling you own products. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on information marketing business.we are also going to give you the vital information you are going to sell.

3. Cpa networks: The meaning of cpa is cost per action, cpa networks is the most easiest and fastest way to make money online,you don’t need to sell anything or buy anything before you make money on cpa networks. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on cpa business.

4. Fiverr: Another good method to make money online is through fiverr. Fiverr is a market place where you render services and get paid for your service. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on Fiverr.

5. Blogging: Blogging is one of the most greatest way to make money online.All you need is to start a blog with a good and important nich.There are different ways you can make good money with your blog. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on blogging business.

6. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is another powerful way to make a living online. Google pay you per click on any advert that is on your website/blog. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on Google adsense.

7. Football betting: football betting is another way you can make money online. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on football betting,this guide will help you not to lose so much on your betting.

8. Mini importation business: online importation business is another way to make money online,it is a business you can start with #10,000 and make up to #250,000 every month importing goods. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on mini importation business.

9. Exportation business: Export business is another good way to make money, there are a lot of local products you can export some these local products are like bitter kola, charcoal, cashew nut etc. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on exportation business.

10. Gsm short code business: Gsm short code business is another easy way to make money in Nigeria.There are a lot of gsm user in Nigeria. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on Gsm short code business.

11. Bulk sms business: Another legitimate way to make money in Nigeria is starting a bulk sms business. We have a step by step ebook that can guide you on bulk sms business.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

How To Crate A Blog Website, Customize And Monetise For Business

Welcome To Naijasuregist Web Services
Get professionals for your business/service building/designing of blog/website.

Service We Offer:

1. Blog or Personal Website

2. Business Website

3. ECommerce

4. Business Directory

5. Portfolio Websites

6. Family Websites

7. Photography Websites

8. Private Blogs

9. Niche Affiliate Websites

10. Podcasting Websites.

Note We can set up these for you at the best standard just for a token.

If you love the current design of  This Blog, I can set up same design for your blog if you are ready to pay for it. I personally customized my template to my taste using html, css and javascript, (it took me time and money though).

So, if you don't want to go through the stress of re-designing and customizing a default blogger template or you want to create a new one, then let me get it done for you. The time is now.

Features Of My Template

          ► A home page with auto read more and post thumbnail features both mobile and pc view.

          ► Numbered posts navigation on Pc view

► The layout can easily be changed to left and
right sidebars with post area in the center (for pc view) 

► Can easily change width of sidebars, post
area etc, via Blogger Template designer

► Can easily change template color via Blogger template designer

► Works perfectly with Blogger Template designer

► Custom css functionality

► Custom mobile view looks awesome and neat

► Can easily display ad banners, related posts with thumbnails
etc on mobile view and pc view

► Can display ads almost anywhere in the template; side bars for pc, above logo, below logo, inside posts, in the middle of posts, footer etc

► My Template is mobile and pc responsive

► Post Breadcrumb on Pc and mobile view

► Can be easily navigated

► My Template is User friendly, SEO friendly, Loads faster both on Mobile and Pc.

I just can't mention more, get this Template and enjoy lots of it Features i added.

It will cost you just N7,000  for the Template alone. So any other services will be billed upon request. You can pay for it online, via western union, mobile banking transfer or by direct bank deposit.

Why Not Hire Us Now? When you hire us we the administrators of Naijasuregist will give you the best on your required services.

Am interested What Next Should I do? If you are interested in any of our services and wishes to work with us we'll be glad to offer our service, if you as well want us to work for you which is not listed here you can Contact Us.

If you've got questions or request for payment details, kindly contact me below.

Contact Details:

Contact me via:
Telephone:  +2349055371643

Contact Via CLICK HERE 
E-mail: Suregist.Ng@gmail.com

We hope in doing business with you.

Chivalry Benson - Naijasuregist

Warm Regards!.
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