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Showing posts with label Glo 0.0kb. Show all posts

Monday, 17 April 2017

How To Check If Someone is Using Your Glo 3G To Browse

Before we write on "How To Check If Someone is Using Your Glo 3G Data To Browse", Firstly, we want to expose the code which your friends/glo users use to hack, finished your "Glo 3G, Data subscription.

I subscribe to "Glo 3G 1,000 Data plan three [3] days ago. Surprisingly, as i woke up this morning, Below is the SMS [Message] i received from 127.

Check If Someone is Using Your Glo 3G To Browse

"NOTE: Your 3G 1,000 plan is going to be renewed. please send CANCEL if you don't want this to happen"

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I was shocked as i read this SMS. Could you believed that my friends in school are the one who dial a short code to aids them share my My 3G subscription to their glo numbers?

To put everything short, i discovered this immediately i called the "Glo Customer care service", Today. You too can send your request, make an inquiry concerning anything that is disturbing you.

To communicate to the "Glo Customer service", Kindly Call 121 and follow the prompt.

If your saerch keyword was; "How to" know if you are sharing your "Glo 3G Data Subscription" with anyone, OR "How to Check" if someone is using your "Glo 3g to browse" Therefore, you are definitely on they right page as i have spent time to explain everything in a simple Language.

Check If Someone is Using Your Glo 3G To Browse

"To check if you are sharing your Glo 3G Data subscription with anyone", Simply Dial *127*00#. If there is anyone sharing your Glo 3G subsrcription, Once you dial the above code, you will receive an auto pop up notification Saying,

NOTE: The following numbers are sharing your 3G Subscription.
Number: 0905.......

Immediately you received the above notification, simply remove the number by dialing *127*02*The Number#. Now you have successfully remove the person number from sharing your "Glo 3G subscription, that is all.

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If you want to activate/share someone's data without the knowledge of the of the person please, Kindly comment i need the code, i'll send it to you via sms.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Glo N0.0kb, Etisalat N0.0kb and Etisalat SmartPak/SocialMe Tweak

I'm glad to inform you that Etisalat SmartPak and Socialme unlimited free browsing tweak is back again via Howtosguide VPN Pro. As of 2015, Etisalat SmartPak and Socialme were the trending cheats as they lasted for almost a year.

More so, The new Howtosguide VPN Pro comes with Glo N0.0k, Etisalat N0.0k and Etisalat Smartak/Socialme Tweak. For those that are complaining about the previous Howtosguide VPN, here is an updated version for you to enjoy your free surfing.

Remember that it's not completely free because you have to subscribe for the Smartpak/Socialme with a little amount of money but trust me, what you will gain is far more better. That's why I called it free browsing because it's almost free of charge.

Applause for Amb Ige Hoyeniyi. He is the brain behind the modification of this VPN. We recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts.

Once there is a very strong 3G network in your area, you will be able to use it flawlessly with no interruptions. Make sure your airtime balance is N0.00kb and stable Glo or Etisalat 3G network is very essential, otherwise, you might still experience the disconnecting issues.

Also note that you must be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, if you are not yet on the plan, kindly text PAYU to 127. Once you have received a reply that "you are using data Pay As You Go to browse. Then you follow the settings below.

Howtosguide VPN Pro - Download it here

» Install and open the Howtosguide Blog VPN Pro
» Click on Tweaks
» Select Glo for Glo N0.0k tweak, Etisalat, for Etisalat N0.0k 60MB daily capped tweak and Etisalat Chatpak for SmartPak and Socialme tweak (depend on the network/sim inserted to your phone)

Howtosguide VPN Pro

» After that, simply tap the OFF button to connect.

It is simple as that, no complicated setting required.

Etisalat Chatak/Socialme Subscription Codes
First of all, make sure you are on Easy cliq tariff plan (Migrate code *244*1#)

For Etisalat SocialMe
» Dial *200*3*4*2*1*1# valid for 24hrs and its cost N100
» Dial *200*3*4*2*2*1# valid for 7days and its cost N300

For Etisalat ChatPak
» Dial *343*6*10# or *343*5*6# valid for 7days and its cost N150
» Dial *343*6*11# valid for 1month and its cost N500
To opt out, dial *343*6*0#

Enjoy the tweak while it last.
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