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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Glo N0.0kb, Etisalat N0.0kb and Etisalat SmartPak/SocialMe Tweak

I'm glad to inform you that Etisalat SmartPak and Socialme unlimited free browsing tweak is back again via Howtosguide VPN Pro. As of 2015, Etisalat SmartPak and Socialme were the trending cheats as they lasted for almost a year.

More so, The new Howtosguide VPN Pro comes with Glo N0.0k, Etisalat N0.0k and Etisalat Smartak/Socialme Tweak. For those that are complaining about the previous Howtosguide VPN, here is an updated version for you to enjoy your free surfing.

Remember that it's not completely free because you have to subscribe for the Smartpak/Socialme with a little amount of money but trust me, what you will gain is far more better. That's why I called it free browsing because it's almost free of charge.

Applause for Amb Ige Hoyeniyi. He is the brain behind the modification of this VPN. We recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts.

Once there is a very strong 3G network in your area, you will be able to use it flawlessly with no interruptions. Make sure your airtime balance is N0.00kb and stable Glo or Etisalat 3G network is very essential, otherwise, you might still experience the disconnecting issues.

Also note that you must be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, if you are not yet on the plan, kindly text PAYU to 127. Once you have received a reply that "you are using data Pay As You Go to browse. Then you follow the settings below.

Howtosguide VPN Pro - Download it here

» Install and open the Howtosguide Blog VPN Pro
» Click on Tweaks
» Select Glo for Glo N0.0k tweak, Etisalat, for Etisalat N0.0k 60MB daily capped tweak and Etisalat Chatpak for SmartPak and Socialme tweak (depend on the network/sim inserted to your phone)

Howtosguide VPN Pro

» After that, simply tap the OFF button to connect.

It is simple as that, no complicated setting required.

Etisalat Chatak/Socialme Subscription Codes
First of all, make sure you are on Easy cliq tariff plan (Migrate code *244*1#)

For Etisalat SocialMe
» Dial *200*3*4*2*1*1# valid for 24hrs and its cost N100
» Dial *200*3*4*2*2*1# valid for 7days and its cost N300

For Etisalat ChatPak
» Dial *343*6*10# or *343*5*6# valid for 7days and its cost N150
» Dial *343*6*11# valid for 1month and its cost N500
To opt out, dial *343*6*0#

Enjoy the tweak while it last.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Easiest Way To Upgrade To Tweakware Premium Account

Worry no more as I have provided a clear guidelines on how to upgrade. This guidelines are gotten directly from the Tweakware developers and some of us here have used this method to upgrade at one time or the other.

Tweakware is a very popular and simple VPN app with so many pre-configured cheap and free browsing cheats for the users to enjoy.

Not just that, the app makes it possible to hide your real location by using a different IP from different regions or countries while accessing the Internet and some other things you can do with it.

At the moment, we have some free browsing cheats still blazing on tweakware such as Etisalat 0.00 cheat, Glo 0.00 cheat, Etisalat social pak, Airtel 0.00 cheat and others. More are still being updated regularly so you can seize this opportunity to get a premium account if you have the money.

Recall that you can still enjoy free browsing with Tweakware using the free server but it hardly connects as many people are struggling to use the free server thereby jam-packing it.

Also, in the free server, you are limited to some data size while in the premium account, it's unlimited as long as the cheat in question is unlimited just like the glo 0.00 cheat. Having said that, shall we go ahead to reveal how to upgrade to premium account? Your guess is as good as mine. Let's go there!


1. Pay Into Any Of The Listed Banks The Amount/price For The Package Of Your Choice.

Account upgrade via PerfectMoney is instant!

N500 / 1 Month || N1500 / 3 Months
N800 / 1 Month (Premium+) || N2400 / 3 Months (Premium+)

We accept Direct Bank Deposit/Internet Bank Transfer to the following Bank Accounts:

✔️ Bank Name: GTB Bank
Account Name: Benson, Goodnews Bassey
Account Number: 0231668654

2. Amount to pay: N500 for 1 month.
You can also make a one-time payment for 2 or 3 months account upgrade
e.g 2 months (60 days) N1000
3 months (90 days) N1500 etc

3. After Making Payment To The Bank: Send Your Payment Details To 09055371643 or Email Them To 'NAIJATECH.NG@GMAIL.COM' (SMS Only & Email Only!, No Calls)

4. Include The Following Details:

Package Name, Teller Number (or Transaction ID/Alert/Remarks in a Case Of ATM/USSD/Mobile Banking/Internet Transfers), Sender's Name, Bank Name, Amount Paid And Registered Username.

SEE ALSO: Glo Data Plans January 2017 - Cheapest Bundles Ever

5. You Will Receive a Reply Of Activations As Soon As Your Payment Is Verified And Account Is Upgraded. This Can Take Up To 30 Minutes or More Depending On When The Transaction Is Verified.

Bank/Cash transfer payments are processed manually and can take anywhere between 24 - 72 hours (Mon - Fri) to be processed. All other payments are processed automatically and the packages are activated immediately after a successful payment.

Once payment is successfully done and account activated, you should be able to enjoy premium services for the duration you subscribed to.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Get Unlimited 200MB for #200 on Glo Twin Bash + Bonus Credit

Good Day friends, Glo has recently introduce a new data plan called Glo Twin Bash plan. With Glo Twin Bash plan, subscribers enjoy data, plus credit to call any network as well as bonus credit to call family and friends on a single recharge. The plan benefits both data friendly consumers and customers that prefers making calls.

Although Glo network is generally poor but there are still few places that enjoy a very stable Glo network and the people residing in those areas are the ones that will enjoy this new Glo plan which is one of the best data and call plans available the moment as it combined both data and calls.

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Glo boastfully says they are grandmasters of data and judging from their data plans, the truth is not farfetched as they are on point to steal all customers from other networks but they have to improve their 3G network services across the country in order to achieve this.


Well, this Glo Twin Bash Offer goes like this, if you recharges N200, you will get 200MB of data worth plus N200 airtime to call or send sms to any network and N200 airtime to call 10 friends and family.

The subscriber will therefore get N1,200 value for a data recharge of N200 and the recharge is valid for 4 days.

Recharges with N500, you will get 500MB of data, N500 airtime to call or send sms to any network and N500 airtime to call 10 friends and family, which is valid for 10 days.

Recharge N1,000 and you will get 1GB of data plus N1,000 free airtime to call or send sms to any network and N1000 free airtime to call 10 friends and family, which is valid for 15 days.

Recharge N2,000 and enjoy 2GB of data plus N2,000 airtime bonus to call or send sms to any network and another N2,000 free airtime to call 10 friends and family. The validity is 30 days.

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This offer is just like Etisalat Easy Clique which subscriber load N100 and get 5MB or N200 for 15MB or Mtn True talk which gives 10MB after recharging.


✔ Load a recharge using this code *223*PIN# to get the benefits of Twin Bash.

Replace "PIN" with your recharge card PIN. E.g dial *223*1234567890#. I hope you get it. Good.

Moreover, do you know that this offer has been available since 2016? I could remember when i posted it on this blog and it was one of the best plans then. Still a considerable offer today.

Is this helpful? Share with your friends by hitting the Facebook and Twitter share buttons. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to opt out of Etisalat unsolicited calls and messages

Unsolicited calls and messages, are so common in the circle of GSM providers in Nigeria, which include Etisalat, MTN, Glo & Airtel and subscribers of each of these networks usually complain about it.

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You hardly see a phone owner that won’t complain about these unsolicited calls and messages.

Many have long clamoured for a way to opt out of these unwanted services that keep draining our batteries, taking up spaces on our phones and making our phone ring and making you pick up your phone as if the incoming message or call is one worthy of note.

Some of these networks even take this act to another level by automatically subscribing you to services that you are not interested in and they keep deducting your airtime balance for these unwanted services. For the record, I have been a victim of this a number of times myself.

Most times, sending “CANCEL” or “STOP” to the short code for that service should cancel your subscription, but a lot of times, even when you send “CANCEL” or “STOP”, the service is still not cancelled. However, all the GSM providers, have a way of opting out of all these unsolicited calls and messages, even though they may not publicize it.

So, if you are an Etisalat subscriber and you wish to opt of everything unsolicited from them, simply send STOP to 2442.

You would get a text message saying that your request has been received and would be processed in 24 hours.

In conclusion, if you are tired of receiving unsolicited calls and messages from Etisalat, all you have to do is to send STOP to 2442. Good luck.
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Friday, 6 January 2017

How To Get Etisalat Easy Cliq Campus Data Offer

Etisalat Easy Cliq Campus Data

Easycliq campus data offer is a brand new service that allows all easy cliq subscribers within campuses to subscribe for select data plans at discounted price, giving you the best value for money.

You can subscribe to the plan via USSD code only within the approved locations. To be eligible for this offer, your SIM must be on the Easy Cliq Tariff plan. Interestingly, the plans have no recharge condition.

In other words, you can now enjoy access to the best deals on selected data plans with the new #EasyCliqCampusOffer anywhere on your campus.

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To opt-in dial *244*1#

The available bundles for this plan are:
The three (3) days bundle plan
The seven (7) days bundle plan
as you can see from the image above.


200MB for N100, dial *609*1# valid for 3 days
500MB for N250, dial *609*2# valid for 7 days (one week)
1GB for N500, dial *609*3# valid for 7 days (one week)

Nigerian universities

You can buy the bundle as many times as possible. But remember that each new bundle purchased will replace the existing bundle.

According to Etisalat, if same day purchase account validity will remain the same but if multiply purchase is done at separate days then account validity will be extended.

You can use the data bundles to do anything online and on any device. There is no limitation to what you can do with it.

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There is no autorenewal upon exhaustion of the data. This means you need to buy another plan once you use up your plan in other to continue.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Glo Data Plans January 2017 - Cheapest Bundles Ever

Glo has the best and cheapest data plans in Nigeria as of this year 2017 when compared to data bundles from other networks at the moment. No wonder they are called "grandmasters of data". How do you see 3.2GB for N1000? When other networks are giving 1.5gb at the same price unless you apply tricks or lucky to be given double data bonuses as in the case of MTN and Airtel.

Well, i will be reviewing all Glo data plans and bundles on this article so that you can read and make a better data choice that suites your lifestyle. Remember, I recently published a post on glo Data Plan For Android , iPhone & Blackberry 2017 Code

As usual, I will categorize the data plans according to validity period starting with daily plans, weekly plans and of course, the monthly plans as well as their prices and subscription codes.


All the Glo plans works on Android phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, internet modem via PC, PSP consols and even smart calculators.

Having said that, shall we proceed to the glo data review? Oh yes i think you are ready. Let's go there.

Glo Daily Data Plans

Like i said earlier, glo data bundles are the best; whether it's daily, weekly or monthly bundles, glo is unmatchable. Check out below plans. Daily plans are handy and i tagged them "quicky plans" that saves you whenever you suddenly run out of data plans. They are cheap and good enough to allow you complete the task you are doing online.

  • 30MB for #50 Plan

While MTN gives you 30MB with N100, Glo said you deserve more by offering 50MB for just N100 Naira.

To subscribe for this plan dial *127*14#

Alternatively Text "14” to 127

  • 100MB for #100 Plan

How time flies. Few years ago, we used to get 100mb with N1000 but now it's all history. This is because Globacom offers you 100MB for just N100 Naira. Hahahaa... Recession no reach where Glo dey o 😜

To subscribe for this plan dial *127*51#

Alternatively, Text “51” to 127

  • 200MB for #200 Plan

While the previous plans mentioned above valid for one day, this one stretches up to 3 days.

To opt in for this plan dial *127*56#

Alternatively Text “56” to 127

Glo Weekly Plans

This is yet another interesting plan that subdues those from other networks.

  • 1.6GB for #500 Plan

With just N500 naira, you get 1.6GB of data while both MTN and Airtel gives just 750mb at the same price. The plan is actually valid for 10 days which is even more than one week as stated. It is undoubtedly the best and cheapest weekly plan as of now.

To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*57#

Alternatively, Text “57” to 127

Glo Monthly Data Bundles

Oh yea... I know you have been waiting for this one. Monthly plans are the most popular plans used by so many people and Glo offers the cheapest monthly data plans as at the time of this review. Below are the different monthly bundles from Globacom.

  • 3.2GB for #1,000 Plan

When Glo introduced this plan, i thought it was a mistake from their server but to my greatest surprise, it was actually real. This plan beats all other monthly plans as other networks offers 1.5GB with N1000 while with Glo, you get 3.2GB for N1000. (1.7GB higher than what you’ll get elsewhere). It lasts you for one month. Isn't it awesome?

To subscribe for this data bundle dial *127*53#

Alternatively, Text “53” to 127

  • 7.5 GB for #2,000

Here we go again. How about getting 7.5GB with 2k? Don't you think it's a good value for money if you are like me that uses lots of data.

To subscribe for this plan dial *777# and follow the prompts


  • 6GB for #2000 Plan

Dial *127*55# Or Text “55” to 127

  • 10GB for #2,500 Plan
Dial *127*58# Or Text “58” to 127

  • 12GB for #3,000 Plan
Dial *127*54# Or Text “54” to 127

  • 18GB for ₦4,000
Dial *127*59# Or Text “59” to 127.

  • 24GB for #5,000 Plan 

Dial *127*2# 

  • 48GB for #8,000 Plan
Dial *127*1#

  • 60GB for #15,000 Plan

Dial *127*12#

  • 90GB for #18,000 Plan 
Dial *127*13#

All valid for 30 days.

Night and Weekend Plans

  • 1GB for #200

Those of you that prefer browsing at night for one reason or the other, Glo is behind you and with just 200 Naira, you get 1GB to browse from 12AM till 5AM in the night. Some people usually use night plans whenever they have videos to watch online or download stuffs. Remember browsing in the night is always faster than during the day.

To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*60#

Alternatively, Text “60” to “127”

Unfortunately, Glo doesn't have any whatsapp plan as at the time of writing this post.

Yes guys, that's it for Glo data plans & bundles 2017.


To check your Glo Data Balance, dial *127*0#, or text “INFO” to 127.


I noticed some BB10 users are unable to browse with their Glo data bundles after activation. Here is the simple trick to fix it.

Go to settings and change the APN (Access point Name) of your BB10 device from “blackberry.net” or whatever that was there to “glosecure”.

Meanwhile, one thing has always been a turn off for Glo users in many locations and that is poor network. Some parts of the country don't even have stable Edge network let alone 3G and 4G networks.

Here Is How To Get Airtel 3GB For N1000, 7GB for N2000 & 18GB for N4000

I hope you get that. Did i miss out on any Glo data? I think all are here but if you think i missed any, kindly let us know via the comments section.
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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Glo Blackberry Internet Service Has Finally Been Discontinued

Glo, the grand master of data has joined Etisalat in discontinuing their Blackberry Internet service (BIS). We all knew that Glo was once the best network because of their cheap BIS plan, which is usable on Android phones via IMEI tweaking.

If you recall, Etisalat started the trend early last month, November 2016. The reason behind this was because, Blackberry BIS users have drastically decrease because Whatsapp will stop working on Blackberry operating system, though Whatsapp have extend its support for BB OS till June 2017. But still, Glo insisted in taking this step now.

This is what Glo has to say about this;

Dear Customer, starting December 17, 2016 BlackBerry services on your device (BBOS7 devices) will no longer be available. You can still continue to use the device to Call and Text. We request you to migrate to a BB10, Android, Windows or IOS handset to use your remaining data. 

Which Blackberry Plans will be unavailable on Glo BlackBerry?

The below mentioned plans will be unavailable for purchase & renewal starting 17th Dec, 2016

BlackBerry Complete weekly plan
BlackBerry Complete monthly plan
BlackBerry Absolute weekly plan
BlackBerry Absolute monthly plan
BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)
BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES)

The real deal now is Android smartphone. It's better for all BB users to simply swap to Android phone, windows phone, iOS or even iPhone 7.

You can get all what you need on a Blackberry device on Android device or any other OS.
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