Sunday, 10 September 2017

Mtn YouTube Hourly Data Plans, Subscription Codes 2017

I am glad to inform you guys that Mtn has launched a data plan called the MTN YouTube hourly plan.

Mtn YouTube hourly data plan

This is not one of those MTN simple surf cheat or cheat codes for MTN data bundle but is a timely based data bundle introduced by MTN. 

The MTN YouTube hourly plan is similar to the 9mobile hourly YouTube data plan but is capped and not unlimited 

YouTube is fun and filled with a lot of intriguing and fascinating videos for you to watch 

The MTN hourly data plan is for those who love to stream videos, watch  shows and also for live streams

I personally am a lover of timely based data plans just like that of the MTN Night Data Plan and Airtel Night Data Plan. 

The MTN Night Data Plan is strictly for users on the MTN Ipulse tarriff plan and can only be used at night between the hours of 12am - 4am

To subscribe for the MTN night data bundle,  Send Night in an SMS form to 131

You would receive a message like the one in the image below

How to subscribe for the Mtn night data plan

The Airtel night data bundle is eligible to all users on the Smarttrybe tarrif plan.. 

To migrate to Smarttrybe tariff plan  , dial * 312 * 1#

After a successful migration,  you can now go ahead to subscribe to the Airtel night plan

Dial * 312 # and follow the instructions that prompt 

How to subscribe for the Airtel smarttrybe night data plan

 How To Subscribe For MTN YouTube Hourly Data Plan

The Mtn YouTube hourly data plan is a new offer by MTN.   Much emphasis and adverts have not been made on this timely based data plan and am sure most of you guys do not know about it 

To subscribe for the Mtn hourly data plan 

Simply dial * 131 * 8# to access the Mtn YouTube subscription menu

For 1 Hour- N150 , dial * 131 * 8 * 1# - capped at 750mb

For 3 Hours - N400, dial  * 131 * 8 * 2#- capped at 2.2GB

To Check your Mtn YouTube data balance,  dial * 559 * 18#

Mtn YouTube hourly data plan subscription

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