Friday, 8 September 2017

9Mobile Unlimited Browsing With 400 Naira Using AnonyTun VPN App

I am glad to inform you that 9mobile unlimited browsing is here again

Did you know that you can enjoy unlimited downloads for 2hours on your 9mobile line for just 400naira? 
9mobile unlimited browsing and downloading via Anonytun Apk
This tweak is working pretty fine, it can be used for unlimited browsing and downloads on your Mobile line and works on all tariff plans 

All you would be needing is 

Your Android device 
Active 9mobile simcard
Stable internet connection 
N400 Airtime and 
Anonytun beta app

This tweak can only work with the Anonytun beta app

Download app via Google Play Store 

Recharge your line with 400naira airtime and subscribe to YouTube 2hours , dial *200# and select option 3 consecutively 

Now that you have succeeded in subscribing to the YouTube 2hours of unlimited browsing / downloads 

Launch the Anonytun App
Anonytun App settings for 9mobile unlimited browsing
Tap on CONFIGURACION ( Stealth settings) 

Turn on Tunel VPN

Change your connection protocol to HTTP  and Change PUERTO to 8081 

Turn on Payload( Custom TCP/HTTP  Headers) 

Select EDITAR PAYLOAD ( Edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers)  and input the following settings 

Url /Host : my
Request Mode: Post
Injection method :Normal

Leave other boxes unticked

Now click on Generate ,then Save

Finally,  Click on CONECTAR.  It would take up to 10-30 seconds before it connects 

When it finally connects,  you now go ahead and enjoy unlimited surfing and downloads , it works perfectly on all Android applications and can only be used for 2 hours 

If you wish to watch a live event online or maybe you have large files to download,  I 'd suggest you go for this trick 

Did it work for you?  What challenges did you encounter while setting this up? 

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Designed by Chivalry Benson