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How To Make Money Online - See Reasons You Are Not Yet Rich

I sat on my couch chatting with a friend, we were both at the same financial situation (broke) last year. He was explaining to me how hard things have been with him financially. And his dad is really disappointed with him, his girlfriend has left him because he is broke.

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“How To Make Money Online - See Reasons You Are Not Yet Rich Below”,

He is confused and tired because he is not making enough money from his business.
I was really down after hearing his story.

Have you ever wondered that all the energy, commitment, obeying all the rules and principles to creating wealth you have been keeping up with, you are not still rich as you want?

As an entrepreneur with the passion to help people achieve financial freedom in business and life, I listened to him and shared with him some financial tips that I was sure he needed to know.
Today, I wish to share the same with you because I want you to learn too.


1. You Overspend Money Like You're Already Rich:
It feels right to buy the fine things in life regularly. I am not against it. But, if you're living beyond your means, you will never ever get rich or hit that mark.

The solution to this is, stop buying what you don't need and start saving up or investing extra cash after buying all your primary needs. Live within your means, and you're likely to become rich.

2. You Hang Around Poor People:
My friend was a victim of this and it contributed to his present state. What can one achieve from little minds sharing negative conversations about the present nature of the economy?

How does that conversation contribute to your growth? What business idea or value can one pick from such conversation?

Money does not define who you are. You must have heard the quotes that if you hang out with 5 poor people, you eventually become number 6.

It literally means, if your closest 5 friends are broke people, so you are, making it number 6.
If your ultimate goal is to acquire money and financial freedom, you've got to hang around rich people and learn their ways, their business modules and generally how things work with people manifesting money by the second.
This is the reason I am very picking when it comes to making friends online and offline.

3. The Fear of Failure:
To me, the fear of failure is the beginning of failure. What's holding you back? What sign do you need to see before you start that business or learn that trade?
If you desire financial success, failure is a natural process that compels us to try again.

4. You're Enjoying Your Comfort Zone:
nt that you have decided to earn, no more and no less. You are where you are financially because you have chosen to be there. Not the market, not your employer, not the government. Only you, just you.

You feel what you are earning now is good? Do you know that some people are earning better than you, doing the same thing you are doing? I leave that to you to consider!

5. Trading Precious Time for Riches:
Most people believe that more working hours will get them rich. It's a lie from the pit of poverty.
I once believed that, but no more. Money is sought through trade not time.

Trash the crazy thought of employment and bonus and start thinking about business ideas.
Empower yourself and money will manifest itself to you naturally.

6. You Read Too Much
Surprise? Yes, you read too much. You read all books on finance, business, Bible, Koran yet you don't take action. Just the way you're reading this post now, you will just close it and go back to what you were doing without taking action.

I know so many people with business ideas in their mind but there are still reading books on how to grow a successful business. When will your right time come?

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This is your time to hit that financial goal. It is not late. You still have time.
Go make that money. Your money is in another person's pocket. Go sell products or deliver services that will make them give you at your price.

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  1. Nice write up bro...About the No 6 you correct about it.Many have the knowledge but cant put them in action

  2. This is such a good list. I check most of them off and am really proud of that, but there are some areas I have to work on like over spending money . I have really learnt alot from this great inspiring post!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, we promised to keep you updated next time.

  3. A lot have been said and it seems the article revolve around me and my life. Implementation of ideas that really pay has been my problem lately, procrastination is one of the things that kills the ideas, another things is financial problem, some of us have the idea but no money to implement it. Personally I've resolved the issue within me on how to resolve the financial issues. I've decide to get a loan from friends and relatives to implement the ideas and I'll advise those in my category to do same.

    You have really done well by putting up this article and I'll be waiting for the next.

  4. Wow bro, I'm very impressed with this post, most people don't sit down to analyse stuffs like this, rather they'll be looking for fast money, without knowing it's one of the ways that won't make them rich.. thanks for this thread bro.. God bless you more

  5. Well formatted and written.
    In order to be successful with what ever you do,one must learn not to run away from his/her fears.

    Nice write up again


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