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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Ultimate Cycler Is Back, Login Now At www.ultimatecycler.com

We can now authoritatively inform you that after one week of being down the Ultimate Cycler website www.ultimatecycler.com is up and running now.

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Remember, the owners of the ponzi scheme had put up a message informing readers that they are undergoing upgrade and will be back between 6 – 12 hours. A review by our technical team had suggested the website is down due to heavy traffic.

The influx of people to the ponzi scheme hosted at www.ultimatecycler.com had caused the website to crash and the only way to bring it back was moving the site to a bigger server that will accommodate the thousands of people signing up every hour. This appears to be what the developer of the scheme are doing which is why the message is up.

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The Good news is the website is back on and members are able to login and our tech department visited the website to confirm and he was right, the website was working fine.

See a screenshot below:

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New members can register here: www.ultimatecycler.com
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  2. Is Ultimatecycler still functional? Heard MMM still pays


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