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Friday, 16 December 2016

Easiest Ways To Get More Nigerian Followers on Instagram For Free

Instagram is the next big thing after Twitter and Facebook. For Nigerians, it’s a way to connect, reach out or even for business. But to explore Instagram to the fullest, there is a need to have more followers.

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There are many tips to get more followers on Instagram but I will only discuss 10 here.

1.) Use an appropriate profile photo
The type of profile photo you use has a long way to go on who follows your profile. A snake head, scary photo scares most Nigerians away.

2.) Follow prominent Nigerian celebrities
They usually have many fans. All you need is a share of them. Mention their names, follow their fans and you can get a follow back.

3.) Link your Facebook account to Instagram account
Link your Facebook to Instagram and vice-versa. I have over 5000 friends on Facebook and up to 2300 are on Instagram. Most of my Nigerian Instagram followers are from Facebook because 80 percent of my Facebook friends are Nigerians.

4.) Follow back
When people follow you on Instagram, simply follow them back. Many may likely unfollow people who do not follow them. More so, having a page where you follow people back, is a magnet for potential followers. Nigerians loved to be followed back on Instagram.

5.) Update on a regular basis
Don’t just check Instagram for gossips and pictures. Upload your photos too. Don’t make your Instagram dormant.

6.) Share your Instagram posts to Facebook and Twitter
When you post on Instagram, there is a share button to upload to other social media. This makes you to connect with other fans. Since your other Nigerian social media is full of Nigerian followers, simply sharing your posts will enhance your ability to gain free followers.

7.) Ask for a Follow Back
Ask and it shall be given unto you 😂. The rule applies here. Simply ask for a follow back. If you’ve followed a friend who is not following back, ask them to. You can gain free Nigerian Instagram followers this way.

8.) Unfollow people who are not following back
Imagine following 500 people and you only have have 50 followers in return. That’s bad for reputation. Simply unfollow those who are not following you. Nigerians are fond of not following back, simply unfollow them.

9.) Participate in comments
Comments on other people’s post. Comments on trending posts and people of like minds can follow you. Nigerian communities usually have trending topics and posts you can follow.

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10.) Use of hashtags
Always use relevant hashtags. Trending hashtags like #Buhari, #Nollywood, #Bokoharam can get you Nigerian Instagram audience.



  1. When i first saw the post i thought it was like a cheat or something. These tips tho bulky surely gonna be useful.


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