Friday, 28 October 2016

How To Add Floating 5 in 1 Share Buttons to your Blog and increase your Blog Traffic

Do you have a Blog or Website? Are you interested in getting social exposure on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ?

Have you ever think of adding a sharing widget to your blog? If not, then you are missing a lot because adding a sharing button to your blog will surely boost your blog traffic through the shares made through these buttons which will circulate in social media and help you enjoy a long lasting referenced traffic.

The sharing button we are adding today is the 'Floating 5 in 1 Share buttons' This floating share buttons have 5 buttons which includes Pinterest Pin it, the Pinterest Pin it Button allow your readers to pin your blog post and images to Pinterest, it also has Facebook like button; if a reader click the like button on this floating sharing widget, the like update will be added to his/her Facebook timeline thereby exposing your blog more & more.

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With the twitter tweet button, your blog post will be tweeted in few seconds to your visitors and readers followers. The least important to some bloggers is the Google +1 button but to be sincere, this should even be more important to every knowledgeable blogger because Google owns Google+ and spreading your blog content on Google+ with this +1 button not only give you desired traffic from your circles but it also makes your blog more valuable in the eyes of Google.

Now, Lets add these useful buttons to your blog. Don't worry, It can be added to both Blogger and WordPress.

                                   Adding the 5 in 1 Floating Share Buttons

1. Login to Blogger > click on Layout.

 2. And then click on Add a Gadget (wherever you want the floating sharing buttons to be) then scroll down and click on HTML/JavaScript Widget.

 3. Now a new empty HTML/Javascript box opens, Paste the following codes there.

4. Note: if yhe floating share buttons appear on the left side of your blog just check on the code and change Style to Right.


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