Monday, 19 September 2016

Question - What would you do if your fiance(e) dumps you and marries your best friend?

Being dumped for someone else is a double punch: not only do you feel abandoned but also replaced. It would even be more heart-wrenching and devastating if you discovered that the new man or woman in your fiance’s life is your best friend! How do you deal with the hurt and pain that comes with being betrayed by the two people who were closest to you. Saturday Vanguard sought the views of some entertainment celebrities on this issue and here are their responses;

I’ll shoot them to death and end my life as well — Uche Ogbodo, Actress

That would depend on the situation and how they ended up together. But if it’s a case of outright betrayal, I will shoot my fiance to death, shoot my best friend and shoot myself as well.

I’ll be happy — Debie Rise, Singer

If my fiance breaks up with me to marry my best friend, I’ll be happy. Though it seems strange, but I’ll be happy. I’ll be happy for three reasons; Firstly, the truth about the kind of ‘best friend’ I have is exposed. Secondly, the truth about the man I would have married is exposed. And thirdly, I helped bring joy and love to the two people who seemingly brought me disappointment.

will move on — Peggy Onah, Actress

Any man who can leave me for my best friend is simply an irresponsible man. What else can I do other than to move on. I will be hurt deeply, but I will have no choice than to move because the man doesn’t deserve me at all. As for my best friend, whatever friendship I had with her is over.

I’ll never speak to them again! — Leelee Byoma, Actress

I would never speak to either of them ever again, that’s for sure. When I’m done being brokenhearted, I will channel my energies towards being a better version of myself; better attitude, better body, an elevated career and definitely, be with a better man.

What is mine won’t elude me — Sylvia Ukaatu

It’s very devastating, but nature has judged for itself. I will wish them well and hope for mine to come forth. I believe that ‘what is mine won’t elude me’. Most times, we often hold on to things that are not ours, neglecting that which is ours. Any man who abandons you for your best friend is not worth your tears, rather you should show him that you can do better even without him. With time, the wound will heal.

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