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Is Traffboost Traffic Real Or Bot Traffic - Read This

Is Traffboost Traffic Real Or Bot Traffic

Hrere is How to Get free website traffic, blog traffic in just 1 minute. Add your website and get more traffic for free.

Name: TraffBoost


Founder: ?

Price: FREE to Join

Who Is It For: Anyone who needs Traffic to their Website without contributing cash for Paid Traffic.

What Do You Do Here Exactly To Get Traffic? Surf and View other people groups' sites to get Points.

Verdict: Is good, however not the best to get Traffic!

General Percentile Rank Record: 60/100

It would be ideal if you Note: I will procure a commission in the event that you purchase through any of the connections on my site, at no extra cost to you. 

I just prescribe items that I have by and by utilized myself or items/benefits that I accept are gainful subsequent to doing broad research.

The Positives

Allowed to Join, no commitment required to go Paid.

Exceptionally easy to get Traffic going to your Website/Blogs.

Can go for VIP Membership in the event that you wish for more extra highlights.

Associate Program

Reward Program for getting extra Points for survey a greater amount of other people groups' Websites.

The Negatives

Being a FREE Member while getting Points can be tedious per Website you visit.

No Active Community Here to request additional direction.

You have the potential danger of guests simply needing Points however not contributing some time seeing your Website.

You CANNOT see various Websites in Different Tabs, you need to see them one by one on same Tab of Browser.

Go to:

Making a FREE Account at TraffBoost Is Simple as 1, 2, 3 Steps!

1) Click on Sign up now! It's thoroughly free

2) Sign In to your E-mail to see this Message in your Inbox.

3) Simply Type in your E-mail and Password, at that point Click on Login.

Include New Website  and get started.

Inside our TraffBoost Dashboard, we are going to then Click on Websites (Located at Top Right Hand Side Corner), a Dropdown will Appear.

The Dropdown Options are: All Websites, My Websites, and Add New Websites.

Tap on Add New Websites and add your site, you are finished.


If it's not too much trouble sympathetically take a couple of minutes to peruse on what Website is satisfactory versus that which isn't the point at which you Add it here.

It is an extraordinary dependable guideline to take after that they won't acknowledge you entering only your Home Page of your Website here, what is more favored is that you enter in your Website Blog Post URL connect here, at that point Click on Add Website.

You should then observe your Website Blog Post, moreover, Each dynamic site will be charged 10 focuses day by day.
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How To Fix The ' Screen Overlay Detected ' Error On All Android Devices

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected Error On Android 

Screen overlay detected error solutions

In this post we are going to discuss and provide solutions to one of the most annoying troubleshooting error that is normally experienced on all Android phones  Screen Overlay Detected 

Screen overlay detected  is not just a temporary error but is something that would appear and re appear all over again if there are no permanent solutions applied 

If you have ever experienced this Android marshmallow error on your Android device then you would agree with me how annoying and pesky it can be.  I once experienced the same problem some months ago and was able to find a permanent solution to put an end to it

And this is why I have done well to write an article on how I got to  fix the Screen overlay detected error on my Android device 

 What is Screen Overlay 

Applications sometimes need your permission to use screen overlay and this can cause a little problem 

A screen overlay is that part of an app that displays over the top of another and this may coax you to granting permission to do stuffs you might not be interested in

What are the devices in which the screen overlay detected error appears

Screen overlay detected error on Android

Generally, this error has been seen to occur on all Samsung S6, Note 5 , LG G4 , Infinix Hot 4 lite,  Hot S and other Tecno Devices 

Why does the screen overlay detected error always appear 

This problem occurs whenever you are launching or installing a new app. 

Normally when you install a new app, you manually need to grant to all permissions as such ( Contacts,  Camera, Location, Microphone, Storage)

Grant app permission screen overlay detected error

To do this you must turn off screen overlay detected for other apps while opening the new app or you will get a screen overlay detected error displaying on your screen 

You will not be able to make use of that app unless you turn off screen overlay detected for other applications, only then would you get the new app to open 

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Detected Error On All Android Devices 

If you are installing a new app and you are getting the screen overlay detected error then here is what you should do

Open Settings and Select Apps

Screen overlay detected error solutions

Click on the Settings Gear icon on the top right corner of your screen and select Draw over other apps

Screen overlay detected error

Select Apps with Permission and turn off permissions for two or three apps one after the other 
How to fix screen overlay detected error on my Android

When you are done exit all active apps an try to open the new app

If the problem still persists then try this second step

Open Settings on your Android device 

Select Apps 

Click on the three dots at the Top corner of your screen and tap on Reset app preferences 

Screen overlay detected error fixed on all Android devices

These are some of the easiest ways to solve the screen overlay detected error on your Android device 

Do well to comment below and let us know if this worked for you 

Share posts and invite your friends 

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Glo Formula : Get Four Times Your Recharge To Text Browse And Call All Networks

Glo Formula Get 4times recharge bonus to text browse and call all networks 

Glo Formula get 4x recharge

This article covers a step by step guide on how to  get four times your recharge bonus to text browse and call all networks on your Glo sim 

Glo network has been known for it cheap data subscription rates, SMS and voice packages 

Are you a passionate Glo user?  Would you like to know how to get 4X your recharge to call all networks on your Glo SIM then this article is for you 

Glo Nigeria presents to you one of its amazing offer called Glo Formula or  Glo 4mula

The Glo Formula gives you 4times recharge bonus on every recharge made on your Glo line.  

Can I Use The Bonus To Call All Other Networks? 

Yes the bonus can be used for SMS,  data and voice calls to other networks and far beyond 

It can also be used to call all networks ( 9mobile,  Airtel,  Mtn)  and other international destinations 

Such destinations include 

UK, China,  Canada, Us,Denmark,Finland,South Africa, Spain,Norway,India,Austria,Cyprus,Sweden,South Korea, Singapore, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Israel, Guam, Mongalia,Brunei,Puerto Rico, Romania,  Reunion island 

How Does The Glo Formula Work

  • If you recharge 100 naira on the Glo Formula, you get 400 naira bonus 
  • If you recharge 200 naira on the Glo Formula, you get 800 naira bonus 
  • If you recharge 400 naira on the Glo Formula you get 1600 naira bonus

Everything X4! 
How to activate the glo Formula 4times bonus offer

How To Activate The Glo Formula 

To get four times bonus on all recharge made on your Glo line,  Dial * 323 * pin #

How Much Is The Call Tariff Cost On Glo Formula 

The Glo Formula call cost is 45k/ sec

That is to say when you recharge 100, you would be able to enjoy 11minutes 54 seconds with the 4x Glo Formula offer

How To Check Glo Formula Balance 

To check balance dial #122*30#

  • For all recharges made between N100 to N200 the validity period is 14 days 
  • For all recharges made from N200 to above, the validity period is 30 days

Isn't that amazing!  

Yes it is...! 

Please leave a comment below and share post with your friends on facebook 

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Mtn Music Plus Airtime Is Back And Better! Click Here To Join Us

Mtn MusicPlus Airtime is back and better! 

Mtn Music Plus

I am glad to notify you guys that the Mtn Musicplus airtime is back and better ,you can now redeem your accumulated bonus points for airtime as low as #100

Isn't that amazing? Hell yeah it is

To get started

Download Mtn Musicplus  app  here  or possibly from Google Playstore 

You can equally get to do this from the Mtn Musicplus official website 


You would be asked to do an SMS Verification 

Input your Mtn number just like in the image below and Click on Get Code

Mtn Music Plus airtime bonus exchange

You would receive a message with the same format like the one below 

Y'ello, Your SMS verification code for login is [******].

The Code is a Six digit number,  once you receive the SMS code put in the space provided and click on Login 

How To Accumulate More points 

Send Stop in an SMS form to 5900

Once you get a message saying your subscription has been successfully cancelled , you can now go back to the app and resubscribe to get more points 

Keep doing this until you get as many points as possible! 

Now that you have succeeded in accumulating more points you can now go ahead to exchange those points for Airtime 

How To  Exchange Your Points For Mtn Airtime 

To exchange your points for airtime 

Click on the profile icon at the top right corner of your dashboard 

Exchange bonus points for Mtn airtime

Select  Bonus Points 

Here you would be able to exchange 

  • 5000 points for #100 Airtime 
  • 3000 points for # 50 Airtime 
  • 1000 points for # 10 Airtime

How to exchange your bonus points for Mtn airtime

The more points you have the more airtime you are to get for your self 

Share post and do let us know if this worked for you 
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Glo data plans, bundles, subscription codes & prices

Glo data plans, bundles, subscription codes & prices

Here is the latest Glo internet Data Plans, bundles, subscription codes and prices in Nigeria. There's no contention here by any stretch of the imagination, the price you buy Glo Data Plan is not up to a large portion of the cost of others.

For instance the well known 30MB day by day design sold for N100 by every other system in Nigeria is N50 by Glo, another, 1.6GB is N500; which other system offers that in Nigeria? One all the more thing, their system can be quick if their administration is great in the zone you are utilizing the web information.

While without a doubt the system can be exceptionally awful in a few territories, the issue is not impossible to miss to Glo alone and individuals in different regions make the most of their Internet benefit.

This is another favorable position of utilizing Glo data plans, bundles, get ready for android and PC, this is a declaration from Glo saying: 

"Would you say you are out of information before the finish of your legitimacy or you simply need added information to your present arrangement? Lift your information design by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200. Dial *777# to purchase additional information (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB designs or higher)" as should be obvious this is critical and other don't have it

As prior said this article worries on Glo Data Plan, on the off chance that you need to see the comparing MTN Data Plan, Etisalat Data Plan, Airtel Data Plan, we additionally have investigated and recorded articles for them. 

The following is all the Glo Data Plans AVAILABLE in Nigeria:

Glo Data Plan

Please note the following warnings from Glo before you think of buying any of the above data plans

  1. ***New Customers would get Double Volume (Existing as of Today, please refer to the tables above).
  2. ***All Existing Customers who will have continuous subscription of data plans would also continue to enjoy the Double Volume.
  3. ***There would be a grace period of 3 days to still enjoy the benefits of continuous subscription.
  4. ***Customers who fail to renew their data plans within 3 Days of the Expiry of their Data Plans would get HALF the Data Volume.
  5. ***The Benefits of continuous subscription and the volume advantage would be communicated in the standard threshold alerts that go to the customer.
  6. ***All the other attributes of these plans remain unchanged (i.e Gifting, Sharing etc).

You may at present need to peruse assist about every one of the information designs recorded above underneath: 

30MB For N50 

With this Glo information design, you get 30MB of information for just N50 and it's substantial for 24 hours. 

Activation code: Dial *127*14# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 30MB; Fee: N50; Validity: 24hours; Activation code: *127*14# 

60MB For N100 

With this Glo information design, you get 60MB of information for just N100 and it's substantial for 24 hours (1 day). 

Activation code: Dial *127*51# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 60MB; Fee: N100; Validity: 24hours; Activation code: *127*51# 

200MB For N200 

With this Glo information design, you get 200MB of information for just N200 and it's legitimate for 5 days. 

Activation code: Dial *127*56# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 200MB; Fee: N200; Validity: 5 days; Activation code: *127*56# 

Glo information design: The Weekly Plan 

6GB For N500 (The main system in Nigeria that offers this) 

With this Glo information design, you get 1.6GB of information for just N500 and it's legitimate for 7 days (1 week) 

Activation code: Dial *127*57# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 1.6GB; Fee: N500; Validity: 7 days; Activation code: *127*57# 

Glo information design: The Monthly Plans 

2GB For N1000 (Another reason Glo information design remains the least expensive in Nigeria) 

With this Glo information design, you get 3.2GB of information for just N1000 and it's legitimate for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*53# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 3.2GB; Fee: N1000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*53# 

5GB For N2000 (by and by unrivaled in Nigeria) It's called "My Phone Plan" 

With this Glo information design, you get 7.5GB of information for just N2000 and it's legitimate for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*55# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 7.5GB; Fee: N2000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*55# 

10GB For N2,500 (This is the reason you ought to utilize Glo if their system is great in your general vicinity) Glo calls it "So Special" 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 10GB of information for just N2,500 and it's legitimate for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*58# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 10GB; Fee: N2,500; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*58# 

12GB For N3,000 (Another unexpected bundle from Glo) Glo calls it "Generally Macro" 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 12GB of information for just N3,000 and it's substantial for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*54# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 12GB; Fee: N3,000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*54# 

18GB For N4,000 (Have you known about extreme ponder some time recently? It's this web design) 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 18GB of information for just N4,000 and it's legitimate for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*59# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 18GB; Fee: N4,000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*59# 

24GB For N5,000; Glo calls this one "Generally Min" 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 24GB of information for just N5,000 and it's legitimate for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*2# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 24GB; Fee: N5,000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*2# 

48GB For N8,000 (Another ponder from Glo) it's called "Dependably Max" 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 48GB of information for just N8,000 and it's legitimate for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*1# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 48GB; Fee: N8,000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*1# 

60GB For N15,000 (The genuine extreme ponder from Glo) it's called "Gold" 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 60GB of information for N15,000 and it's substantial for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*12# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 60GB; Fee: N15,000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*12# 

90GB For N18,000 (The main Platinum design) This arrangement is more than a gold that is the reason they call it "Platinum" 

With this Glo information design, you get an entire 90GB of information for just N18,000 and it's substantial for 30 days (1 month) 

Activation code: Dial *127*13# on your Glo line to subscribe 

Information: 90GB; Fee: N18,000; Validity: 30 days; Activation code: *127*13# 

Think about all Glo Data Plans underneath: 

If it's not too much trouble share the experience you've had when utilizing Glo Data Plan with us utilizing the remark segment underneath. 

There is additionally Airtel Android Data Plan, MTN Android Data Plan and Etisalat Android Data Plan for you to consider in the event that you have to know all the android membership designs accessible. Much obliged to you for going by.
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TSTV Channels, Decoder Price & Subscription Packages

TSTV Channels, Decoder Price & Subscription Packages

Have you heard of TSTv? It has told the truth time of Gotv and Dstv on account of its shoddy and reasonable rate of their channels. At the end of this article, you would know How to subscribe TSTV Decoder, TSTV Channels, TSTV Price & Subscription Packages.

TSTV implies Telcom Satellites Television. It will be completely propelled in Nigeria on October first yet has circle a few territories in Nigeria, similar to the Owerri, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Lagos state unequivocally. In this way, TSTV is the best computerized TV encounter all finished Nigeria.

How much is TSTV decoder and what are its features?

TSTV Decoder + Dish cost N5000. The TSTV Decoder Offers 100+ Channels, FREE 20GB Data, Video Calls, Pause Subscription, Record & Playback Feature And More

How much is TSTV Subscription Fee?

TSTV Subscription Fee is a low as N200, N500, N1000, N1500 and N3000Note that with TSTV, you don't need to pay subscription monthly or periodically. You pay as you consume. 

Where are TSTV service locations?

TStv Africa will function in ALL states in Nigeria. 

When is the official launch date of TSTV?

TSTV will be officially launched in Nigeria on the 1st of October 2017. 

Launch date for other African countries will be announced later.

What channels can I watch on TSTv?

TSTv shows Live Sports like Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and so much more. Some Sport Channels on TSTV Africa are bein Sport 1-10, Fox Sport HD, and Ts Sports.
Some of Entertainment Channels on TSTV are Movie Box, Tele Novela, Fox, MBC 4.

It offers quality mix of both neighborhood and global channels and bundles for their excitement, kids, wellbeing, sports and numerous all the more particularly, being a DTH Pay TV. It comes in top quality (HD) simply like others, your stations are hundred percent clear and splendid.

That is not yet all, it likewise accompanies free Wi-Fi in each decoder, delay membership, inbuilt camera and even hard plate of 50GB and numerous others.

What's inside the TSTV Decoder?

Let me rapidly disclose to you what's inside the TSTV Decoder and a greater amount of it highlights since it has come to remain in Nigeria to bring all the more astounding bundles.

TSTV Decoder accompanies more than 200 stations to fulfill you feel and obviously, to make you generally feel the best involvement with your TV.

It has an inbuilt camera, this will permit you make video calls to your loved ones gave they have a dynamic decoder and membership. This is a "stunning" element and has outperformed other TV decoders highlights. The video call include is made conceivable due to the free WiFi combined with the inbuilt camera inside the decoder.

Spare your cash! You can delay your membership when you travel. With the respite membership include, membership can be delayed for over a month or more.

Another stunning take after come reward is that when you recently purchase your TSTV Decoder, you get immense 20GB information package and the best approach to make utilization of it has not been cleared up. Notwithstanding, as it bolsters WiFi, you have no issue with it.

TSTV Decoder accompanies a hard plate space of 50GB. You don't need to trouble yourself leaving a program since you can spare any program on the circle space and watch it later at your agreeable time. Best for ladies who cooks and will never let your nourishment gets singed.

With TSTV Decoder, you can watch silver screen demonstrate ideal in the solace of your home. TSTV has made it less demanding for motion picture sweethearts and you would now be able to spare worry of going to silver screen and get the most recent motion picture viewed in your home.

For don sweethearts, you would now be able to observe all live matches at the solace of your home. Be it, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the sky is the limit from there. Not at all like DSTV which doesn't demonstrate all occasionally.

TSTV Channels

TSTV Channels got you secured ordinary on mold, sports, stimulations, wellbeing, nourishment, kids, among others. It accompanies astonishing channels only for your pleasure. Presently, how about we see the 200+ channels.


BBC America



BBC Radio 2

TVC News

Joined State Of America Embassy

Sky News



Center TV News

France 24 (English)


Channels TV

Bloomberg Television



Fox News

TRT World

Press TV


Emerge News

TV360 Nigeria


Star Sports

Fox Sports

Euro Sports News

Euro Sports 2

Kwese Sports 1

Kwese Free Sports

Kwese ESPN

MS Extreme

bein Sports MAX 4HD

bein Sports 3HD

bein Sports Global

bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)

TS Sports 4 HD

TS Sports 2

TS Sports 3

Yolo Sports HD


Follow Urban/Africa


MTV Base




CN Carton Network

Disney Channel



Child TV

TS Junior Kids HD

Fix Fox

Panda Biggs


Star Movies

MBC Action


Star Movies

African Movie Channel Series (African Magic)

Freedom TV

MBC Bollywood

Wazobia TV


Viasat Life

Fine Living


FOX Life

Examination Discovery




Star Gold HD

Nollywood TV

Z Cinema

E Entertainment

BEN Bridging The Gap


TS Novella

TS Movies HD

TS Series


Revelation Channel

Nat Geo Gold


National Geographic

Revelation Health TV


Fasion One



Bird Television

Emmanuel TV

Sunna TV

Heap Of Fire And Miracles Ministries

EWTN – Global Catholic Network

TBN Network


Riwa Ndu TV

TS Hausa

TS Igbo

TS Yoruba

TS Sports 1 HD

What's the cost of TSTV Subscriptions

With only 3,000naira you can get all directs come in. The decoder or dish just costs 5,000naira just and note that the TSTV will be formally propelled in Nigeria in October first, 2017.

Re-subscribing is simpler even with a cell phone, as long as you have broadcast appointment on your telephone. You don't have to visit any retailer or bank. The broadcast appointment on your telephone can be utilized for membership at home or anyplace.

For more data about TSTV, you can meet them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook utilizing @tstvafrica. Their official site is with labeled "Associating the world..."

Is it useful? The cost is so moderate and modest to wipe out the period of DSTV and Gotv on the off chance that they don't take after suite.

What's your say concerning TSTV Channels, Price and others?

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Affiliate Marketing: A Complete User Guide For Beginners

Affiliate marketing : A Complete User Guide For Beginners 
Affiliate marketing beginners guide

This article covers a step by step guide as to  how Affiliate marketing works and some of the benefits of been an Affiliate marketer 

Affiliate marketing is just one of the various methods of monetizing your blog effectively. 

Many do not know about this. 

They solely depend on Adsense and other pop up ads to monetize their website 

Affiliate marketing  can be a game changer for your business just like it is for many other sites out there. 

As an Affiliate Marketer, 

  • You get paid for every single customer you bring in to an affiliate company 
  • You get paid for promoting  companies products and also be given a commission on all market sakes made by you

There are a lot of affiliate agencies out there who are looking for someone to help promote their products and widen their brand. 

Many believe Adsense is the most effective way of monetizing a blog without paying much reference to affiliate marketing 

In this post we are going to be looking at some of the best affiliate marketing websites,  how to become an affiliate marketer and many more

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work 

In our every day life we get to make numerous business transactions of our own

There is what is called Chain of Distribution 

We have the 

Producer : The Producer would be a person or company that produces a particular product like electronics,  phone gadgets and wish to sell them to his or her  customers.  In this sense the producer is the affiliate marketing agency / advertiser who wishes to make his or her products popular and well known. 
To do that he or she would be needing the services of a retailer ( Publisher) 

Wholesaler / Retailer : The Wholesaler is that person who buys in bulk from the manufacturer and sells it out to others. 
In the Affiliate marketing world,  he is called the ' Publisher '
The Publisher is that person who acts as an Affiliate marketer and promotes goods produced by the manufacturer to the final consumers upon exchange of commission. 
He or she gets paid for every single sale made. 

Final Consumer : The Final Consumer is that person that is in need of that which an affiliate marketer advertises. 

When he or she buys a product from the manufacturing company, the advertiser gets a commission 

What Affiliate Marketing can you do for your business 

There are about 101 blog niche known. 

Every blog niche is solely independent of the other. 

You should only advertise on products that are related to your blog niche. 

If you blog on a technology niche,  you can go about affiliate marketing for tech brands and companies like Tecno, Infinix, Jumia and many more 

How Do I Get Started In Affiliate Marketing 

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing

There are a lot of affiliate marketing companies out there 

All you have to do is go for that which is common to your blog niche 

What are some of the tools you would be needing as an affiliate marketer 

Keyword Planner 

There are a lot of good keyword research tools out there but I would suggest you going for the Google Keyword planner as it is trustworthy and reliable. 

Content is king, but then there's no way you would be able to come up with rich contents without making use of some relevant keywords 

As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to know what products your audience are badly in need of and be able to come up with rich and quality contents to back them up. 

This can only be done if you do your keyword research right 

Webinar Jam

To many consumers, seeing is believing. 

As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to come up with ways to persuade your audience to go for a product. 

Webinar Jam  allows you create live presentations to get rid of all doubts and give answers to all queries made from your targeted audience. 

It is a good way of building a producer - consumer relationship 


After compiling all relevant keywords and creating meaningful posts of your own ,you would be needing a website or blog to post it. 

Host gator  allows you create a website in no time and makes your followers have confidence in you 

Now after saying all these, 

How do we now get a company to sign you as an affiliate marketer 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most easiest and cheapest way of making money online even without having to produce goods of your own. 

There are a lot of sites to work as an affiliate marketer

Such companies include

  • Jumia  Affiliate Program 
  • Konga Affiliate Program 
  • Payporte Affiliate program 
  • Kaymu Affiliate program 
  • WebforAfrica Affiliate program 
  • Wakanow Affiliate program 

Other companies world wide include

  • Grammerly 
  • Amazon associates 
  • Ebay
  • Shareasale
  • Flexoffers
  • ClickBank

It's simple to get started. 

Visit any of the affiliate marketing companies 

Register under them as an affiliate marketer and adhere to the rules
Promote products and get paid every time someone buys a product 

Affiliate marketing can be harnessed as a great source of income for your blog if used wisely 

Here are some of the reasons why I feel Affiliate Marketing is better and more preferable 

Global Marketing 

It gives you an opportunity to reach to a lot of people on the internet and tell them about your products

Cost  Free

They are no charges incurred by being an affiliate marketer. 

It is cost free and doesn't require you paying a dime to become an affiliate marketer 

Work from home 

One good thing about this is that you can choose to work from the comfort of your home. 

You do not need to work long distances or going to a certain place before making sales

As an affiliate marketer,  you need to stay up to date with the recent changes in your consumers needs

Get to know what product is beat for your audience and provide relevant informations about them to your followers 

This are some of the basics you need to know about affiliate marketing as a blogger 

Feel free to add value to all that has been highlited in this post 

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How Often Should You Update Your Blog? Read This

How often should I blog?  

''How many blog posts am I to publish every single day" ? "What are some of the best days to blog" 

These and many more would be touched on as we move forward 

In this article we are going to be looking at some of the idea Blog post frequency and how often you are to update your blog 

How Often should I blog for Seo

How often should you update your blog

So many has been forced to believing that blogging every day is  crucial and is of utmost importance to your blog success and they feel discouraged to open a blog as they know they won't be able to put up with such stress 

That may not seem to be true as there are no guided policies or guidelines as to how often you should blog. 

You do not need to blog every day, all you need to do is find that  idea blog post frequency writing habit which works for you and stand by it. if blogging twice a week or probably few times a month suits you best, then I suggest you stick to it 

Before you go ahead choosing whether or not you are to post daily, here are some things you would want to put into consideration 

Why posting everyday might work for you 

When you blog every day,  you build your writing, communication skills and helps you develop a strong writing habit.  

Every one knows what he or she is capable of.  If you know blogging twice a week can end up with you blogging once or twice a month, I advice you post every single day so as to build on your writing skills and help you develop a strong writing habit 

How many posts am I to publish every day on my blog 

If you really wish to rank high on Search engines, then posting two or three articles a day might just work for you. Niches like Entertainment,  Gossip and Celebrity news are fast moving niche and has a lot of  competitors. 

If you want to be one step ahead of your  competitors, then blogging twice or thrice a day is the best option for you.  The higher number of pages a blog has,  the more visible it is on search engines . 

You should always work on posting daily if you really wish to get more traffic from search engines 

If you are to post daily, 

  • Always keep your articles short and straight to the point

  • Try various text and post formats so as to make your blog interesting and not just some piece of crap 

  • Proof read,  plan and schedule posts ahead of time.  You would not want to end up providing your readers with lots of meaningless piece of chunk all in the name of wanting to post every day

Why one or two posts a week might be better

Times have changed when they were few blogs on the internet and readers be eager for something new and would always  check back to your website.  We now have about 100+ different blogs on the internet been piloted by diversed individuals .

If a blog reader lands on your page and finds out you hardly post on your blog,  they exit at the very first moment they get on your blog to go look for other blogs who offer contents to what they are after. 

This is one of the reasons why you should consider posting on a daily note,  but then , when you post every day on your blog,  it'd become so noisy that your visitors get pissed off and leave immediately 

How many posts per week is best for Seo

One of the researches  conducted attested to the fact that readers would unsubscribe from your email list if they get sent a lot of emails from your blog,  it would make them feel your blog is spam and not well  coordinated 

This is why I think blogging once or twice a week is better. 

As a blogger, posting twice or once a week allows you come up with the kind of posts that are  meaningful and are likely to get a lot of comments and shares 

If you'd choose blogging twice a week,  

  • Look at possible ways to make your blog popular 
  • Experiment and come up with posts that are stuffed with relevant keywords and are likely to rank high on Search engines 

Finding your perfect blogging routine 

One thing in life is that we are all different.  Two fingers are never the same, we all have our own flaws and difficulties and that which we are good in

If blogging twice a day is something you are good at,  then I advise you write your articles,  skim through them properly and make use of a social media tool to schedule your posts. 

Or possibly, you are the type that can only put up with few articles a week or a month, then I suggest you take your time and always come up with posts that would be useful and appealing to your blog readers 

When you think you must have found your blogging routine, stick to it.  

What works for you might not work for your readers.  Carry out a research and know that which your readers likes best.  

If your readers prefer posting twice a week to twice a day and you blog every day,  then I advise you make a change in your Blog routine and ensure you find out what blog routine suits you best and your readers 

Please leave a message in the comment box,  we would be glad to hear from you and don't forget to share posts with your friends 
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Thursday, 21 September 2017

See How I Got 10,000 People To Read My Blog In Less Than A Week

This article covers some of the best killer ideas to make your blog popular 

Making a blog popular is not an easy task. It is not something that is done overnight or in one day.  It requires patience, hardwork it takes months sometimes years to accomplish 

If you are new to blogging and wish to stand out amidst all odds, then there is everyneed for you to make your blog popular and get real attention to your blog 

There are so many ways to take your blog to the next level but so many people do it the wrong way . I have seen a lot of people spam the hell out of many social booking and networking sites with their affiliate link and blog URL just because they want people to come visit their website 

It sucks,  it is mostly considered to be spam. There is no way you can get people to visit your Blog if all you do is flood their DMs and timelines with countless blog links. They may rather find it annoying and will never get to pay a visit to your blog 

This is one mistake you should be mindful of when getting people to know your blog 

So the big question now is, 

How do I get my blog noticed by Google 

How Do I Make My Blog Popular? 

How to get more attention for your blog

We have done well to give out some of the best killer ways to make your blog popular.  Am sure you'd love it

Blog frequently 

This is not an easy task, trust me I can attest to that,  I personally find it hard to come up with 2 - 3 blog articles a day.  
But then if you wish to make your blog popular, then you should be able to update your blog on a daily basis. 

Fresh Content is the key to a blog's success.  Your followers are hungry for information and would always love to come across a new article every single day they visit your Blog 

You cannot expect people to check into your blog every day when all you do is publish only one article in a week.  

This is why I say blogging is all about passion, no matter how tight your daily routine is, there would always be time for you to do that thing you have interest for

Guest Blog On Popular Blogs

Guest blogging is one basic SEO factor that you should always implement on your website. 
When you create a new blog,  there would be need for you to boost your presence online. 

What is the essence of you having a blog when there is no body there to check it out? 

When you guest post on other blogs,  not only do you rank high on SERPs and make your blog popular in Google Search, you pull a lot of traffic to your blog and also boost your presence online

Link Love

This is what I call link exchange. Look out for bloggers of the same niche, email them or follow them on social networking sites and ask for a back link.  Also do same to them to

Add Blog To Blog Communities 

How do I add my blog to blog communities?

 There are a lot of blog communities and web directories and forums that you can add your blog to

Don't just spam, look out for top blog communities and forums, stick to them and try as much as possible to contribute to the growth of such Blog forums.  Be it a comment or blog post, just make sure it adds value to other members in the forum.  This way you get more blog followers and increase your visibility on such Blog communities 

Create a facebook page for your blog and promote it

Facebook is one place to get to reach a lot of online users.  Facebook is huge and it's traffic is legit. Create a facebook page for your blog,  publish contents on a daily note and run facebook ads from time to time to increase the visibility of your blog on facebook.  If you have not created a facebook page for your website, I'd advice you go do so now.  The quicker you create a page for your blog and get involved with it,  the better social presence you would be having 

Write Tutorials 

People would always remember you for your good deeds. 

I  remember the first time I had a blog , I was so much in need of mad traffic that I would always go on research for some of the best SEO techniques to rank high and boost traffic for my blog.  And so I came across this website which gave and taught me all I needed to know about increasing my blog traffic. 

 There is no day that passes that I do not visit this website.  Why? 

Because it once helped me out when I was badly in need of solutions 

When you write articles that are interactive and informative, there is no way visitors would not want to visit your Blog for more 

 Customize your Blog Design 

Your blog is like a business, so there is everyneed for you to treat it as one. 

Whenever someone lands on your blog page, your website design makes the first impression 

No one would like to spend his or time on your blog if your website design sucks... 

If you really wish to make your blog popular and want your readers to always come back for more, then you should try making use of a well optimized web theme for your blog 

I hope you found this article useful?   We would appreciate you drop a comment and help spread the word! 
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